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Vegetarian Sex

Vegetarian Sex

From the book:
“The New Vegetarians”
by Paul R. Amato, Ph.D. and Sonia A. Partridge

Meat-eaters, as we all know, sometimes use oysters or exotic meats as aphrodisiacs. This might appear to leave vegetarians without any suitable recourse. However, as one person informed us, vegetarians use other vegetarians as aphrodisiacs. We were curious to know if becoming vegetarian has any implications for people’s sexual urges, feelings or behavior. 62% of those interviewed reported that thier sex lives have improved. We noted above that a common physical change is for people to experience an increase in their level of energy and endurance after eliminating meat from their diets. Not surprisingly, these enhanced capabilities are sometimes said to yeild certain benefits in the bedroom: I feel healthier and have more energy and vitality. And this adds to my positive feelings about sex. Another person adds: This diet has made me feel sexier since I am thinner and have almost unlimited sexual energy. I have clear skin that is virtually wrinkle-free, even at age 35.

As the women above noted , losing unwanted body fat can enhance one’s sex appeal. Another person put it this way, “Before becoming vegetarian I was fat and unappealing. Now I’m lean in the sunshine and have a great love of life.” Certainly, in our culture, slimness is seen as a characteristic of physically attractive people. It is not surprising, therefore, that people who lose unnecessary body fat after adopting a vegetarian diet should find that their love lives improve. For some, an improvement in sexual relations leads to more intimate and better-quality personal relationships with lovers and spouses. As one person said, “My sexual life? It’s healthier, more spiritual, closer and more committed.” Another person put it this way: “My sex life is better because I have a better understanding of love than I ever had before becoming a vegan.”

Some vegetarians say they couldn’t imagine making love with someone who eats meat. Fellow vegetarians, it seems, are perceived as being more attractive, and sexier, than meat-eaters. As one woman told us, “I find my husband more sexually appealing knowing that he is not a vessel full of decaying carcasses.”

Webmaster note:
Male impotency has been linked to eating animal foods. It is said that the same cholesterol and saturated fat that clogs the brain and heart also clogs the main circulation of blood flow to the penis.

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